Originally REAL was founded in 1977 as a Welsh brand, Tayto passionately believed that these quality crisps with their stand out flavours deserved to travel the border. Today REAL is found in cafes and licensed premises across the UK and can even be found in the Far East and Australia. Tayto acquired REAL Handcooked crisps in 2007.

REAL is hand cooked in Northamptonshire, the heart of England, using British potatoes, whenever the harvests allow, and 100% Rapeseed and Sunflower Oils. Most of the potatoes are from a 30 mile radius of the factory and we take in fresh deliveries daily to help meet our high quality requirements.

REAL Handcooked crisps are batch cooked, taking 3 times longer than a standard conventional crisp and are stirred by hand to prevent clumping and to ensure every crisp is evenly cooked.

For more information on how we know our potatoes see here.

REAL Handcooked range boasts unique punchy meaty flavours including Ham & English Mustard and Roast Ox. We also have the stalwart of popular flavours; Sea Salt, Strong Cheese & Onion and Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and for those who like it hot we’ve Sweet Chilli and Jalapeno.

‘Fiery Flic’ to those who know her best – This pint sized cutie pie’s a ‘REAL’ bag of tricks – sweet and spicy all at once! She may look pretty in pink but don’t let that deceive you – she can pack a right punch, knocking those taste buds sideways. Watch out for the split personality, it’s not a friendly hug you are about to receive….it’s a left hook to your smackers mate.
‘Cruncher’ to the lads. Captain of his beloved rugby team, this back row forward packs a ‘REAL’ punch. A strong hunk with many layers; off-pitch this macho guy is a REAL ‘wild thing’ – loves nothing more than living it rough, survival style, in the woods. Gets the whiff of an adventure and he’s off…
A ‘REAL’ life Salty Sea Dog. Born aboard his father’s ship amid thick fog at high tide, he’s never even touched dry land. He knows his granny from his sheepshank. This teller of tall tales is 108 years old but the salty sea air and mermaid kisses grant him his youthful appearance.

There’s nothing ‘REAL’ girl, ‘lip-smacking Sal’, likes to do more than talk – she once talked the leg off a donkey on Clacton-on-Sea beach, telling it all about how she loves munching REAL Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar. Oh how the tasty tang had her tongue twisting like a head-spinning helter-skelter. The poor mule had to have a prosthetic leg fitted.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper to year seven – This one’s in a ‘REAL’ class of her own. A Duchess amongst dinner ladies, she doesn’t stand for any monkey business as she keeps a watchful eye on the goings on in the playground. She’s no plain Jane though – the old girl’s crackers! She’d shout at a circle because it wouldn’t get in line.
‘Bully’ to his friends is a ‘REAL’ tasty character. A rugged charmer; bonkers about his burly bovine beauties, he can often be found ploughing fields in the wee small hours. This tractor-happy chappie should wait for the sun to come up though – he’s ploughed the wrong field again… shredded cabbage for tea then!

REAL King of the BBQ. Zane loves getting the flames billowing on the old tin can. For him, it’s all about smokin’ good flavours in a chargrilled spread, no matter what the weather. 

‘Spicy Hal’ to his mates – this spicy sizzler will tell you that some like it hot – well he certainly does, ‘REAL’ hot. In fact, if it doesn’t make him breathe fire or set his hair on end he won’t entertain it. So its Jalapeno all the way for this guy – guaranteed to raise the temperature and those caterpillar eyebrows too.
‘Hooray’ to his pals, this well-seasoned veteran’s a ‘REAL’ national hero. He’s a regular hound when it comes to the fillies, hamming it up rightly with a dash of sauce. This classic old boy’s still got it and is revered wherever he goes and doesn’t he know it! Still awaiting his Knighthood though. Lost in Her Majesty’s post no doubt.