Tayto Potato Expertise


Tayto Group are proud to support British local farming and support over 70 farmers across the British Isles, some of whom have been growing potatoes for us for over 60 years. We use over 1600 tonnes of potatoes a week, with fresh deliveries daily. 75% of our potatoes come from within 30 miles of our factories in the fertile lands of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and North East Ireland.

We select potatoes for their taste, crunch and crisping capabilities and are experts in farming potatoes to make the perfect crisps. We select from a short list of around 20 specialist crisping varieties, our core varieties include 4 ‘Ladies’: Lady Valora, Lady Jo, Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta, Verdi, Taurus, Olympus, Opal, Saturna and Sassy.