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Our Brands

Our Brands

Many of our brands are household names – almost snacking royalty: Golden Wonder, Tayto, Mr Porky all have a long history and have been a part of our culture for generations. Whether it be walking home from school, in the pub, watching our favourite programme or just relaxing with friends, many of these moments have been shared with one of our brands. Many have also enjoyed a drink or a snack looking at the unique faces on packs of REAL Handcooked crisps before experiencing the fantastic quality and taste that only REAL delivers.

Pork Scratchings are a typically British snack. Synonymous with the pub but now as much a part of a night in front of a box set, Tayto has the leading brands in terms of quality, taste & familiarity. From the Mr Porky (the No1 Brand) to the epitome of a traditional scratching in Midland Snacks to more contemporary products under the Real Pork Co brand, we have a pork snack for everyone.

We are continuously updating our existing brands and products to meet the demands of today’s consumers whilst always remembering that taste and enjoyment are why we all love our snacks so much. We are also aware of the evolving consumer demands on health and are delighted to have Pure Bite within our range which highlights that healthy just got tasty.

Explore the Tayto Group brand portfolio and discover why we have SNACKING SORTED.