The Real Pork Crackling Co

The brand launched in 1975 in Tamworth in the Midlands, following the acquisition of the Green Top Snacks brands and in turn was acquired by Tayto in 2019. 

Today the Real Pork Crackling Company is well known for its light pork crunch product and it’s more traditional pork crackling.

The brand is all about simple, straightforward, no nonsense pork snacking, available as sharing bags and as individual portion size on clipstrips.

Golden Crunch

The lightest pork snack in the range, which takes approx. 4-5 hours to prepare from cutting, cooking through to seasoning and packing.

Original Scratching

This is a scratching with a slight twist, its texture is more crackle than crunch, making it an easier eat than the traditional scratching whilst still retaining the savoury goodness of a traditional pork scratching.