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Mr Porky

Pork Scratchings are the uber pub snack, no other snack can match the textures, meaty flavours and saltiness of the indulgent, traditional British Pork Scratching. The memories of your first pork scratching are held for years, decades even, so crunching on a pork scratching brings with it emotions from days gone by, making them a truly a unique snack.

Made in Bolton, in the north west of England, we use only BRC accredited suppliers of the finest quality pork rind to ensure we achieve that satisfying bite and crunch that makes a great pork scratching.

The Mr Porky range includes sharing and impulse packs, multipacks in the larger supermarket stores as well as clip-strips, pillow packs and pub cards for ease of display in food service outlets.

With origins back to the 1800’s, Scratchings are the original and traditional salted pork snack. We’ve been producing our proper pork scratchings for over 60 years which is why we make the most popular scratchings in the country. Triple cooked or ‘rendered’ in its own fat before being lightly salted – delicious! 

Triple cooked for distinct crunchy bite ⬦ Flavoursome bite size pieces ⬦ Original Salted Seasoning ⬦ Made from shank rind ⬦ 2-star Great Taste Award

True craftsmanship is required to make these award winning hand cooked scratchings. These are our best-ever scratchings with each batch tested by sight, sound and of course taste until absolute salty crunchy perfection is achieved! 

Hand cooked in small batches ⬦ 2-star Great Taste Award ⬦ Double cooked for distinct dual texture ⬦ Original Salted seasoning ⬦ Made from shank rind

For lovers of salty pork snacks, Crispy Strips are the ultimate snack straight from crispy bacon heaven! These delicious strips are unique to Mr Porky with a lighter bite but with all flavour you’d expect from the pork snacks experts making these a more everyday snack. We’re hugely proud of this product innovation and were delighted to be a Great Taste Award in 2019. 

Easier eat pork snack ⬦ 1-star Great Taste Award ⬦ Original Salted Seasoning ⬦ Made from shoulder rind (so there’s no hairs!)