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Making The Perfect Crisp


We use a 3 step process in order to consistently achieve crisp perfection in Appearance, Flavour and Texture.

1. Specification: Moisture, thickness, Flavouring, Oil and Size

2. Selection: Potato Variety, Oil type, Flavour portfolio, Packaging

3. Conversion: Slice Selection, Cooking Method and Quality Controls

Preparation and planning are vital, it takes just 14mins from potato to packet and every second 5.5 potatoes are made into handcooked crisps


Partnering with Bibby we’ve reduced CO2 emissions per vehicle between 2104-2017. 1 of 13 Tandragee and Corby sites have 700m2 of solar panelling. 2 of 13 All our cardboard cases are FSc approved and 100% recyclable. 3 of 13 Packaging plays a significant role in ensuring the product reaches the consumer in the perfect condition. 4 of 13 Frequent organoleptic testing is undertaken to evaluate smell, flavour, appearance and texture of our crisps. 5 of 13 We use the latest optical camera and laser technology to photograph every crisp for imperfections and discard those that do not meet our high standards. 6 of 13 Our handcooked crisps are batch cooked, taking x3 longer to fry, at lower temperatures than conventional crisps.

Hand stirring prevents clumping and ensures an even cook. 7 of 13
We only use rapeseed and sunflower oils.

Oil accounts for nearly 1/3 of the finished product.

Fresh oil is added continuously to ensure perfect crisp taste. 8 of 13

Slice thickness is constantly adjusted depending on potato starch and moisture content.

The average potato produces 45 slices.

Our handcooked crisps are 20% thicker than conventional crisps and the starch is left on the sliced potato for a mightier, crispier bite.

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Most of the peel is removed but some is left to give a rustic, homemade appearance. 10 of 13 Potatoes are washed in water to remove soil.

Stones and wood are also removed at this stage. 11 of 13
Over sized potatoes are halved and undersized ones are saved for animal feed. 12 of 13

The majority of our potatoes come from the fertile lands of: Lincolnshire,  Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and North East Ireland.  All of our GB growers are Red Tractor Assured

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