Solar-Powered Crisp Deal for Carrick Firm

Carrickfergus firm Solrhub has just completed a solar-powered deal which is delivering huge energy savings for the Tayto Group.

The specialist solar design and installation company installed a major solar panel project at the company’s Golden Wonder factory in Corby, Northamptonshire. In the process, the Tayto Group has become one of the first food manufacturing businesses in the UK to adopt solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

The system, consisting of 210 solar panels can provide as much as 50,000 kWh’s of energy every year – enough to provide over 10% of the energy required by the Golden Wonder distribution centre.

With a huge drive on businesses to cut their carbon footprint, the new installation has massive carbon reduction potential, saving the Tayto Group around 24,000 kg CO2e (carbon) every year. Over the 25+year expected life of the system, this amounts to a staggering saving of over 600,000 kg CO2e, which would otherwise have been derived from fossil fuels.

Bill Adamson, Managing Director of Solrhub explained that the benefits are not just environmental, but there are also major financial savings to be gained in the long term. He said, “The move to solar didn’t just make sense for Tayto from an environmental standpoint but, with the government solar support and the cost of solar technology falling, the rate of return has remained high at around 12%. This investment will have paid for itself within 6 years, making solar energy an extremely attractive renewable project for any business.”

Tayto Group Environmental Manager, Nicholas Cowan, is very pleased with the results of the Solrhub project. He said: “Solar power made total sense for Tayto; it’s simple, effective, and environmentally responsible. We’re closer again to meeting our sustainability goals, and this was an important step in promoting the use of renewables within the food industry. We hope many more will follow this example.”

Bill Adamson, Solrhub’s Managing Director added, “This was a great opportunity for Solrhub to work with a major Northern Ireland company like Tayto to deliver a cutting edge renewable energy project to a high technical standard and within a very tight timescale. “We are currently looking at a number of other similar projects in Northern Ireland and across the UK. There is strong evidence to support the use of solar and there is government support to help businesses make the investment. This is a very exciting time for our business.”

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