Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

ni10  ni1Eat a Healthy and Balance Diet

At Tayto we want you to enjoy our crisps and snacks as part of a balanced diet of fat, protein, carbohydrates and fibre with plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Find out how to make some simple changes for the better.

Enjoying a balanced diet

ni4We get our energy from our food and all food can be nutritious from a piece of toast  toast, to a bar of chocolate to a packet of crisps. Moderation is the key and most foods can be enjoyed in moderation providing us with a balanced diet. Understanding about the nutritional benefits of different types of foods and snacks will help you make informed choices.

Leading nutritionalists are saying that eating snacks between meals is beneficial to keep our energy levels up. They believe that eating smaller meals with a midmorning or mid-afternoon snack is better for you than overeating at meal times.


ni2Eating a range of foods to give a balanced diet

The key to healthy snacking is understanding the levels of fat, sugar and sodium to aim to stay below on an average day over an average week.

Nearly all of the food we buy in the supermarket will show nutritional information on the back of the packs and many of them also now show Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) for calories, fat, saturated fat and salt. This way you have the information to allow you to make the correct choice for yourself. Look at the labels on the packs and decide for yourself, which foods and snacks to choose.

If you over indulge on one day, then try to make up for it by eating well on subsequent days.

  • Increase your activity level to burn off extra calories.
  • Try and avoid high fat and high sugar foods for the following days therefore reducing your calorie intake

Getting Regular Exercise

The best way to feel great all the time is by getting regular exercise. Exercising is essential because it makes you feel good, promotes good health, helps weight loss and reduces the risk of developing some potentially serious medical conditions.

In today’s society there are lots of people who have an inactive lifestyle and don’t get much exercise. Any form of physical activity is good for you and you don’t need to be sporty to get active. Just by changing your routine to include more active pastimes could help do the trick. Try walking to the shops instead of taking the car, even doing the housework can burn off calories and increase your overall activity level.

ni5Of course we recommend that you talk to your doctor and ask his/her advice before starting any kind of exercise program, particularly if you haven’t done much exercise for a while, are overweight or have had a recent illness or injury. At a minimum, get your weight, pulse and blood pressure checked, and get your doctor’s approval for the kind of activity regime you have in mind.

Enjoying Crisps and Snacks in Moderation

Tayto are very proud of the quality of our products but take our responsibilities seriously.

ni3We want to make sure our customers enjoy our products in the context of a balanced diet and healthy, active lifestyle. We believe that giving customers clear information about the nutritional content of our products will help you to make an informed choice about what you eat and how to live.

We believe the following….

ni81.  We believe choice is important

We recognise that choice is important and offer a wide range of different types of crisps and snacks, from premium indulgent crisps like Tayto Fusion to lower fat products like Tayto Advantage.

ni92.  Clear information is vital

Above all, we hope that you enjoy our products and we believe that giving you clear information about their nutritional content will help you to make your own choice about what to eat and how to live.

ni73.  We recognise concerns

We recognise the concerns about obesity and dietary health and are working hard to be part of the solution; however this can only be achieved with the collaboration of all interested parties including manufacturers, government, parents, schools
and others. The improved nutritional information on our packs and the information contained in our website are two examples of how Tayto are playing their part.

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