Crisp Making

We’re always being asked how our snacks are made, so here’s a simple step-by-step guide to what goes into making one of Red Mill’s most popular products, Transform-A-Snack…


Maize is delivered to Red Mill’s factory in sacks and is sieved into buckets which are then emptied into hoppers feeding the extruders.


The Maize is then mixed with other ingredients and extruded under into the high pressure three shapes that appear in Transform-A-Snacks – a spaceship, a space hoop and a meteor ball


The shapes are passed through the oven to dry and bake on a conveyor belt


Next, the snack shapes pass through a large rotating drum where they are coated with oil and the appropriate Transform-A-Snack flavouring added (either Pickled Onion, Spicy, Cheese & Onion, Saucy BBQ, Beef or new Flamin’ Hot Flavour).


The flavoured snacks are then transported through a bucket elevator system onto the vibratory conveyor system which get rid of any broken snacks.


The snacks are weighed for the appropriate pack size before being fed automatically into packs.


Packaging film comes straight off a reel into the automated packing machine where bags are made up and product dropped inside and sealed.


The bagged snacks are packed into boxes which travel along a conveyor to the despatch department.


The boxes of Transform-A-Snack are stacked onto pallets ready to be shrink-wrapped. This help protect them on their journey to the retailer and you the consumer.

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